Chut Hameshulash

grandparents society

When you daven, foremost on your mind are surely your children and grandchildren. After all, they are your future. Now, you can do something special to secure their futures – and your legacy.

At Yeshiva Darchei Torah, where your grandson spends much of his waking hours, he is being taught and cared for by a talented cadre of rabbeim and teachers who see him for what he is: an individual, not a face in the crowd. To bring out his potential and those of his classmates, the Yeshiva – under the active leadership of Rabbi Yaakov Bender – spares no expense in crafting a bespoke chinuch, tailor-made for his unique strengths and needs.

Demonstrate to your grandchildren your love and commitment to their future.
To continue its mission, your grandson's Yeshiva needs your investment.

From its Rabenstein Learning Center and Weiss Vocational Center to enrichment classes, Middos Mission, 39 Melachos Project, international science competitions and a plethora of innovative programs in both limudei kodesh and general studies, Yeshiva Darchei Torah is the trendsetter in the chinuch world – ensuring that your grandson is afforded all the mentors, tools and encouragement that he needs to succeed, in a warm and loving environment.

To continue its mission, your grandson’s Yeshiva needs your investment. By joining the brand-new Chut Hameshulash Society, you and your fellow Darchei grandparents can help secure the Yeshiva’s future – and secure your legacy.